Hey there! I love hearing from you guys, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me on any platform You can shoot me an email at shop@rozarria.com or feel free to follow me/reach out to me through instagram!

Meet the Artist! Hello, I'm Rose Eva, or just Rose is good, too!

Likes ♥ Harry Potter, mostly anything magical, Reading, Writing (poetry & short stories), sketching and art (pins!!!), going on ADVENTURES and exploring, cycling, crossfit!!, traveling (Japan 2018 ✈), trying new food (I love spicy food!), mild weather, wearing sundresses, collecting figures & watching anime/fun tv shows!

Dislikes 💀 Extreme weather!!! Bland food or too much salt, being quiet about something (I'm very blunt), walking up hills, running in general (unless its for a Spartan Race), okra... not too much!